Monday, February 28, 2011

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Report Sunday Ecological Oasis LIPU Arcola Arcola LIPU Oasis Ecological

It ended with the gathering of about 400 kg of waste the first Sunday promoted by ecological ' Oasis LIPU Arcola in collaboration with the 'Municipal Administration Arcola , Group on Civil Protection of the City of Arcola , the Green Cross , ACAM spa., Guard the park of the Park of Monte Marcello Magra- the GEV ( Guards Voluntary Ecological ) of the Province of La Spezia.

Despite the rain that has marred a bit 'discouraging the party a number of potential volunteers and making cleaning difficult, it can be said that the initiative has reached its goal thanks to the presence of a hard core of volunteers consisting of men and women of the Civil Protection of Arcola and the Green Cross arcolana , people used to operating in all weather conditions as during the recent flood of December or during the earthquake of Abruzzo in 2009.

Sunday then, after a few minutes in a marquee set up working as a refectory and mobile kitchen units, volunteers, and in quite a festive atmosphere were scattered along the paths of the oasis in the bush of the forest and alluvial St. Genesius armed with gloves, rakes and garbage bags in an open season on wild waste.

end of the day is the outcome harvesting on an area of \u200b\u200babout 3 hectares 23 bags full of bottles, plastic packaging, polystyrene containers used in agriculture, ceramic toilet, a gas cylinder, a motor, plastic sheeting, an incredible number of cans of beer.

hazardous waste were also found for health: a tank with several gallons of used oil, a tin with 5 l of diluent several batteries of mobile phones, cans with substances not clearly identified. Finally, the collection of recyclable materials and bulky ones was performed the next day by ACAM.

Beyond the quantitative result, the real value of this day is to be found in the spirit of collaboration between voluntary sector and local administration of Arcola, The City of Arcola was instrumental both in the organization is actively involved in collection activities were present in addition to the fact Mayor Giorgi, other advisors and counselors Hello Alessandro with responsibility for Civil Defence, the Ministry for Environment and productive activities Roberto Colombo, the Councillor for Education - culture and youth policy Emiliana Orlandi,

were present for the Cross Green Arcola: Straits Augustus, Head of civilian fire protection group, Bellazzini Elena, Elisa Dalpadullo, Pardu Scarlett with her two children, Sabrina Carmè, Bonatti Augusta.

The ambulance crew consists of intensive care units: Beretta Alessandro, Luca Coppola, plus 2 other volunteers.

The Association for Civil Protection and Environment Lunezia that with volunteers, as well as participate in the collection, prepared the mess tent and prepared dinner

The Public Assistance Humanitas Romito Magra1914 onlus

were present for the Park of Monte Marcello Magra-: Guard the park Luciani and Antonio Paganini Moreno

Voluntary Ecological Guards were present for the Province of La Spezia: Girotti Anselmo, Centofanti Constantine, Marcello Giorgi, Piero Ricciardi

were eight volunteers Oasis: Claudio Grillo, Franco Donati, Richard Montali with the family complete (wife and two daughters) and two family friends Montali.

Oasis LIPU thanked all the speakers contributing to the success of the day.

Friday, February 25, 2011

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RACE 5 - Deneb shines!

2 Alpha 2
Smara 1

"Deneb" Salvatore Lia not wrong and, after taking first place with a large gap on the rest of the fleet, made up to five points "2 Alpha 2", cutting in second place, winning second place in the standings (15 points). Third on arrival, "Stoky" Caesar Cazzato fourth place for "Smara 1" helmed by Maurizio carts. "Chi Chi" Romano Healy finish fifth, followed by "Menkent" sixth and third in the standings with 16 points. "Ajax", "Avalakira" and "St. Raphael" close respectively the seventh, eighth and ninth.
Sunday, March 6 will be played the last round of winter Leuca "Shit Sunday 2010-11.
Saturday, March 5, will include visits to the fleet of the winter league Leuca "More sailing for all"; the same boat back to sea the next day to race back to Otranto.
The departure of Sunday, March 6, at 10, will be common to both leagues, stick to leucani long for Otranto.
expected a fleet of thirty boats .
The show is guaranteed, do not miss it!
Fair winds!

Monday, February 21, 2011

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A busy week for training

The past week has been very intense for the Future VYP Cariparma Under 14 as he rode three races over 6 days: Saturday 12 to Castellarano, against Parma on Sunday 13 Secchia and finally, Friday 18 to Nonantola. In addition to these matches to be mentioned the participation of several athletes also to the Under 16 league matches (in the second Sunday afternoon in Bologna on 13 and the Predosa Zola 20).

That Saturday was a race against Castellarano set on saving energy in view of the two races on Sunday (U14 and U16). But this led to ensure that the end result was the first time in 12 of their opponents (even numbered) able to make a good game and embarrass the yellow and blue in particular goalkeeper out between opponents Cocchi. The second time the music changes, the yellow and blue there are to be put feet on their heads and raise the rate by closing the game shortly after. The score of 25 to 8 the second time leaves no room for doubt. 20 to 37 and then ends with good evidence of Salliu Calafiore and signatures with 8 each for the yellow and blue and the opponents of Seghizzi with 11 goals. FUTURE Cariparma VYP: Balestrieri (2), Mancuso (3), Calafiore (8), Oppici (6), Allodi (3), Salliu (8), Cortez (1), Ricaldi (1), Pedron ( 1), Stighezza (4), Ajolfi, Vulpe. Coach: Galluccio
CASTELLARANO HANDBALL: Balsamo (3), Catalano (2), Cocchi, Mucci (4), Seghizzi (11), Monti, Argentine. Coach: Vigliotti

Sunday morning but it was the turn of the race home with the bucket. The first half was dedicated to the defense and goalkeeper gialloblù (like the day before ... or skill of the goalkeepers enough to pull by the ducal?), Considering that the first goal of gialloblù get on the score of 1 to 0 for the opponents after 14 minutes of play! From here on, but the game has no history with Parma, which takes off thanks to its defense and counterattack half time 9 to 3. In the second time Gialloblu certainly do not show their best side, but despite this the end result is never in question. Ends 22 to 15 with ample playing time for everyone.

FUTURE Cariparma VYP: Archers (4), Mancuso (4), Calafiore, Oppici (5), Allodi (2), Salliu (3), Cortez (1), Ricaldi (1), Pedroni, Stighezza (2), Ajolfi, Vulpe. Coach: Galluccio
SECCHIA HANDBALL: Bargo, Delaiti Christmas F. (1), Claus G., Soncini (9), Jendoubi (5). Coach: Venturi

Friday finally moved to the Gialloblu Nonantola for the last race of this tour de force. Race never in discussion with the yellow and blue that you wear on the score of 8 to 1 after 15 minutes. Despite this myriad of turnovers from both sides have made that the public assistesse a game ugly and boring (the rule of the steps has changed?). The first half ends 8 to 14, but second-half defensive meshes of Parma can close their opponents to score only 3 goals, 2 penalty spot, the final score 11 to 32. To tell the truth is right to point out the lack of Giagnorio between opponents, the author of 12 goals in the first leg. Among the yellow and blue instead, good test Oppici, author of 10 networks.

FUTURE Cariparma VYP: Balestrieri, Mancuso (4), Calafiore (3), Oppici (10), Allodi (4), Salliu (4), Cortez (3), Ricaldi (1), Pedrona (1), Stighezza, Ajolfi, Candiani (1), Vulpe. Coach: Varacca
NONANTOLA : You have (1), Ferrari (2), Franceschini, Guagnano (5), Pivetti (2), Ballista, Braviglieri, Coal, Gaglioti, Sing, Poluzzi (1), Malagoli. Coach: Fava

The championship will resume next Sunday, also away, against Casalgrande emerged victorious in the final game against Castellarano.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Rhino In Ratchet And Clank

RACE 5 - Sunday, February 20

There is a growing fiercer the fight at the top of the standings. Deneb, the second arrival of the RACE 4 regains first place in the standings, finished fifth Menckent, passes to the second position, 2 Alpha 2 and continues his comeback after winning the last two races will lead to three points Menkent and four from Deneb.
We'll see what happens ... Smara 1, the new entry of Race 4, finished third at the finish line and then slowed down the march of Menkent. There are still two races that will herald exciting and could reserve some surprises. We look forward

Sunday, February 20, 9 am, for the usual briefing. Leaving at 10, after an aperitif and awards at the headquarters of Smara.

2 Alpha 2 Crew

Monday, February 14, 2011

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Sunday, a day of cleaning waste

Sunday, February 20, 2010 from 9:30 and throughout the day will be held at the Oasis LIPU Arcola in loc. San Genesio a day of thorough cleaning of the Oasis to remove waste and debris deposited by floods of the river or unfortunately abandoned dall'inciviltà people. The initiative is promoted by LIPU in collaboration with the 'Municipal Administration of Arcola , the local associations and the local Civil Defence team.

The invitation to participate, if only for a few hours of their time during the
day, is open to all citizens, families and the world of volunteering to all those who have short care about the beauty and usability in this area. The Oasis LIPU Arcola fact is, among the areas equipped Regional Natural Park of Monte Marcello Magra-, the one most frequented by a varied audience ranging from families who walk or celebrate birthdays in the area with barbecue, for birdwatchers nature photography and attending the nature trails equipped with many dog \u200b\u200bowners. Volunteers who participate will be given gloves, bags and other equipment for waste collection and will be offered relief from civil protection teams of Arcola for the occasion will set up a tent.

Considering a lot of good volontà ma anche le risorse limitate, saranno ben accolti tutti coloro che verranno con propria attrezzatura, rastrelli, forche, motoseghe, falcini e penati.

Sarà effettuata anche la raccolta della legna morta che verrà messa a
disposizione per tutti coloro che potranno portarsela a casa per bruciarla nel caminetto e nella stufa ad uso domestico.

Ore 9.30 : appuntamento con i volontari presso il Centro Visite dell’Oasi Ore 12.30 : punto ristoro offerto ai volontari dalla squadra di Protezione Civile del Comune di Arcola 17.00 : Sunday closing and Ecological collection for information and adhesions: Oasis Manager David LIPU Barcelona, \u200b\u200b349.0956080 mail: @ oasi.arcola

Scared To Get Fingered

On February 18, 2011 back M'illumino less , the most ever radio campaign on energy saving devised the globe.

The Energy Saving Day 2011, special edition 150 years for the unification of Italy , is scheduled for February 18, 2011 . Also this year Caterpillar invita comuni, associazioni, scuole, aziende e case di tutt’Italia ad aderire all’iniziativa creando quel “silenzio energetico” che ha coinvolto le piazze di tutt’Europa negli anni scorsi, per fare spazio, dove possibile, ad un’accensione virtuosa, a base di fonti rinnovabili.

L'Oasi LIPU aderisce all'iniziativa allestendo per venerdì pomeriggio dalle 14.30 alle 17.30 un piccolo laboratorio per la produzione di candele artigianali di cera d'api. Sarà possibile portarsi a casa una candela lasciando una piccola donazione all'Oasi.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Galleria In Nz Christmas

Sunday, February 13 - Sunday, January 30

Getting ready for the recovery of Race 4.
It seems that the weather will give us a beautiful sunny day and hopefully a bit of wind.
Meeting at Marina di Leuca Sunday at 9.00 for the usual briefing. Scheduled departure time 10.00.

After an aperitif, Smara and awards ceremony at the headquarters, for those who want stop for lunch, Osteria del Pardo (Federico) offers a full menu at 18 € (Please book 3492862788).
Good wind.

Monday, February 7, 2011

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Under 14 training continues their unbeaten Under 14 athletes

La Future Vyp Cariparma ha ripreso il campionato domenica, dopo la sosta forzata (causa maltempo) di domenica scorsa. L'avversario di turno era il Carpi squadra che attualmente milita al quinto posto del girone ma che se l'è giocata alla pari sia con Scuola Pallamano Modena che con Secchia e quindi alla caccia di punti per la qualificazione alla fase successiva del campionato.

La gara è stata in equilibrio per i primi venti minuti: il primo parziale è a favore degli ospiti i quali si portano sul 2 a 0, poi tocca ai gialloblu piazzare il parziale e portarsi sul 5 a 2. Parma gioca meglio di Carpi, soprattutto in difesa, ma gli ospiti sono tenuti in partita dalle parate di Raimondi e così il primo tempo finisce sul 16 a 9. Nel secondo tempo Parma entra in campo più motivato degli ospiti, in particolare Salliu che segna 6 dei primi 7 gol per i gialloblu, una volta schierato nella posizione di centrale. La difesa nel secondo tempo concede poco, subendo solo 5 gol di cui 2 su rigore, grazie anche alle parate di Vulpe, in crescita nell'arco dell'incontro.
Al termine il tabellone evidenzia un meritato 29 a 14 per la squadra di Parma.

Il prossimo sarà un weekend di fuoco per i gialloblu: si inizia giovedì, con la gara under16 contro la capolista Modena , sabato si farà visita al Castellarano per recuperare la gara non giocata domenica 30 , To finish with two rounds Sunday, Secchia under14 Handball August 2 in the morning and in the afternoon in Bologna under16!

It again calls on the public as the next Sunday, February 13 at 11, will be the last home appearance for our Under-14 Championship finals before .

FUTURE Cariparma VYP: Stighezza (1), Mancuso (9), Calafiore (4), Oppici (4), Allodi (3), Salliu (7), Cortesi, Candiani, Ricaldi (1), Pedrona , Ajolfi, Vulpe. Coach: Galluccio

CARPI HANDBALL: Bellei (1), Dalol (3), Delville (4), Lombardi, Maddi, Pederzoli, Raimondi, Rebecca (3), Road (3), Vincenzi, Piccinini. Coach: Zanfi

In the picture (footage) Marco Mancuso Morini, top scorer of the game with 9 goals scored.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sorority Initiation Humiliation

Cari soci, amici e simpatizzanti,

waiting for the agreement with the Government (City, County, and Park) for the renewal of the agreement to take shape, and (especially) substance, the Oasis and its activities do not stop and continue regularly in February and in the months to come. This is the decision taken by the national headquarters of LIPU.

First I make you know the opening hours of the Visitor Center:

The Visitor Center will be on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 am to 12.30 pm and from 14.00 to 17.30 until May 31

E 'was to be a calendar of events rather than thick and as usual, human resources, your enthusiasm, your friends who in turn will be able to engage and lead the Oasis, will be lifeblood, good humor and good health for all of you and the environment.

I anticipate that in March, then a BIRDWATCHING CURRENT LEVEL OF FIRST which also provides a lesson in first aid and difficulty of wild birds in a lesson nature photography.

Here are the initiatives in the month of February:

· Date and location to be determined: projection of the nature documentary "emerald river" Valter Torri

· Friday, February 18: M'illumino less, U.S. clean energy.

· Sunday February 20: Sunday ecological oasis together to clean up the waste carried by the flood in the

You can follow all the updates and details on the Oasis blog

hug you all, I hope to see you soon!

David Barcelona International

Oasis Manager LIPU Arcola

Mobile: 349.0956080